Custom PC Mentions DEFCON

Nuking Mac fanboys?


Everyone loves a good Mac versus PC flame war (see here for example) so the announcement by Introversion Software that version 1.4 of its Nuclear war sim, DEFCON, will allow players on Macs and PCs to Nuke each other should lead to a mass proliferation of virtual A-bombs.

And if the prospect of lobbing Nukes at Mac fanboys isn't already enough to have you reaching for the 'Launch' button, the upcoming Linux version, due in April, will allow for a three-way, cross-platform battle of epic proportions.

The new PC version of the game, which was inspired by 1983 cult flick WarGames, also supports Philips' amBX technology, which, providing you have amBX hardware, allows the game to adjust the ambient lighting, colour, sound and even air currents in the room (presumably, for those Nuclear blasts).

"If you thought DEFCON was immersive before, just wait until you play it in a darkened room with the amBX kit plugged in" said Introversion's MD, Mark Morris.

The Mac version of DEFCON is available from Ambrosia Software for $25.00, while existing PC players will be automatically updated via Steam (although a patch is also available here). A special DEFCON 'Collectors Pack' for the PC will also be available in retail stores from 8 June.


I say we show these PeeSee lusers what Mac fanboys can do. 😉




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