Shortcut keys

What are they?

Okay, the manual mentions a few shortcuts like WASD/QE, Space, Return, P, Esc, and Esc-Esc... But these apparently aren't all of the keyboard shortcuts. For example, F1 toggles the FPS counter, and shift while launching Sub nukes will surface them all at once. Oh yeah, and 1-4 to change the speed, which is mentioned in the tutorial but not the manual (at least not that I can see with a quick peek)

So what other shortcuts are there, if any? Clearly there are some hidden ones. Why aren't they mentioned? (F1 for example) Any shortcuts to toggle the different modes in the bar, like radar mode and whatnot? I feel like there should be a customize-shortcut-key preference area like in most games. Why there isn't one in Defcon boggles me. (Though it looks like there is extensive support for different keyboard layouts, kudos on that)

Some Mac specific-ones:

  • Cmd-F: toggle fullscreen

  • Cmd-Q: quit (okay, that one's obvious)

  • Cmd-Option-Q: quit immediately, w/o confirmation dialog

Thanks, that Cmd-F one is handy. Didn't know you could switch it without going into the options.

@electrolite, on Apr 23 2007, 08:05 PM, said in Shortcut keys:

Cmd-Option-Q: quit immediately, w/o confirmation dialog

Oooo... I didn't know about that one! I like it!


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