Migrating from Windows Version, Pricing

I purchased Defcon from Introversion well before the announcement of the Mac version, and I think this is a great game.

I'd like to thank you for porting the game to OS X, but I have a few questions to ask about the licensing.

I can't help but notice that the price that you charge is nearly double that of the Windows (steam) version, and still 25% more than than the price from Introversion (which of course includes a beautiful boxed copy, with a manual, AND comes from Britain, where the 10GBP doesn't get you as many meals as it would here in America:) ).

As (one of many) users of Intel Macs, I enjoy both OS X and Defcon, and boot into Windows on my Mac to play the latter. If my Windows license could be extended (at a reasonable price), or transferred (at an even more reasonable price) to the Mac version, I would do so without hesitation. However, with the current pricing, it is much more economical for me to stay with the Windows version (or, clearly, buy the Windows version in the first place!) -- if I buy the game from you now, I will have tripled my cost to play the game, at only a modest gain in convenience.

So, I have a proposal for extending your pricing structure to include those who have already purchased a copy of Defcon for Windows, and for those able to use Windows on their Macs (and therefore hesitant to pay a 70% premium for the Mac version) that, I believe, can only be profitable for you:

Purchase options:

  • Extending your existing license to work on both Mac and Windows.
    Price: $25 less royalties normally paid to Introversion (thus generating the same profit for you)

  • Moving your license from Windows to Mac (so the game is no longer playable on Windows).
    Price: $10. A customer that purchased a copy for Windows for $15 can now become a Mac player, at the same cost as the others.

Please don't hesitate to reply with your thoughts on the subject 🙂


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stas : I actually purchased the Windows version of Defcon after it had already been announced for the Mac, and for a limited period during beta testing, my code worked for both systems. However, due to the way the registration works for Ambrosia, keys do not work between systems. Could they be made to do so? Probably. Will ASW? Perhaps, I don't know. It's a fair question.

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