Timer at top too close to edge?

Been going through the demo - and it looks like fun. Managed to get through all the demo levels first try.

However, whenever I go up to the top to make the time go faster (and I'm zoomed in a bit on map), I find the screen scrolling up. Yes, I know I need to try to be a bit more careful with the cursor, but it seems like if you put the cursor past half way up the button, the screen starts scrolling.

It's a bit frustrating having to keep adjusting the screen by zooming in and out.

Anyone else think it's annoying?

If you think it is too close to the top, move it. Nearly all of the UI elements in Defcon are movable. Personally, I put the icon bar at the top left (i.e. the bar that controls RADAR, People, Comms, &c.) and put the clock at the bottom right.


You can also use the numbers on your keyboard. 1,2,3,4 ;).

Thanks- had only put the cursor on the individual buttons, not outside of them. Didn't notice the "mover" cursor.
Timer moved - and trying a few AI games...


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