Ambrosia Software Launches DEFCON For Mac OS X

The Official Announcement

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Rochester, New York -- April 19, 2007 -- Ambrosia Software, in partnership with London maverick indie developer Introversion Software, announced today the launch of the Mac version of DEFCON. An online, competitive, multiplayer strategy game based around the theme of thermonuclear armageddon, DEFCON is sure to keep your strategic mind captivated.

Download DEFCON and play immediately with a free trial here:


"There exists an ever growing group of gamers who are converting to Apple and we want to make sure they enjoy playing all of our games," said Mark Morris, Introversion Software's Managing Director. "It's been great working with Ambrosia and I can't wait to see the reaction once everyone has started playing."

"Global thermonuclear war has never been this much fun," said Andrew Welch, Ambrosia Software's el Presidente. "It's macabre, but plotting for your friend's total annihilation is perfectly satisfying."

The game, inspired by the 1983 cult-classic film, WarGames, superbly evokes the tension, paranoia and suspicion surrounding the Cold War era. DEFCON was an instantaneous success, receiving an average of 85%+ in game reviews and scores of praise. PC Gamer UK described it as 'pure, deep, utterly unconscionable fun', while IGN awarded DEFCON an Editors Choice Award and praised it as 'highly impressive'.

DEFCON is immediately available online from Ambrosia Software's website - at a price of $25.00. Download your copy, and start experiencing DEFCON immediately with a free trial.

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