So.. is there a single-player option?

want to play offline a bit against computer AI

Just wondering. It doesn't mention anything about that in the manual, so I'd have to guess no. But I thought I'd ask.

You can play against only computer. If you want your game to be private you need to fill the slots with CPU opponents, and close the spectator slots, and/or turn off the "advertise on internet" option, the latter two options are in the advanced panel when making a new game.

There isn't an out-and-out single player, but it is possible. After launching Defcon, go to 'New Game' and underneath where it has the list of players, you'll see an 'Add AI' button. Add as many AI as you want (or will fit) and fire away. 🙂

Yes there is. You start a game like you would a normal multiplayer game but click the "Add AI Player" to make the positions be bots. Do this until all the positions are bots or closed (no one). You then have a single player game.

May I also suggest that, when you start a game that you want to be single player, you go to the advanced server setup dialog, and turn off "Advertise on the Internet" and "Advertise on the LAN." This will prevent your game from being visible to other players, and will prevent spectators from joining. This will save you some bandwidth, and can save you some synchro errors.


Thanks for all the info - most helpful!

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