An under sea adventure, not unlike the reef level

So, Odie and I are working on a two-man collab, and I have dubbed it UnderSea, although it is possible it will change in the future. If you like, just post and, if you want, you can make an area/room/section.


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Hmm....... does it have to be an ocean theme? I don't really like those <_<

Still, go ahead and PM it to me, and I'll see what I can do.

It does have an ocean theme, but who said anything about no surface. I don't care if it stays in the ocean, as long as it's fun and stirs up activity here.


I'm really good at making things that don't include need new scenery.

Stop posting here and go make you're chamber(s)!


Gasp! I've been scolded! Fear not, my good sir, I will do my chamber(s) in the next day or two 😉

Hey Kasofa, when I'm done, who should I send it to?

I don't know, no one else has posted so far.
yells Hey everyone! Post please!
Just pm it to me, I guess.


If nobody else posts, would you like to do it together as a two person project? I'm still slowly working on my, what's the term...... epic? level, but I've got plenty of time to do another one.

Ok, that'l work fine. When you're done, pm it to me, I'll edit the top post in the meantime.


Okay. So, once I've finished my chamber, I'll send it back to you, then you'll do a chamber and send it back to me etc....?

Sure, whatever you like.


So... is this just between you two or can I have a peek? Haven't done squat with Sketchfighter in almost a year... sad, really. 😞

Once he's done, he can pm it to you if you'd like.


Sure, I can beta test.

You could even add something, then pm it to me. ^_^


I'll think about adding something once I get a copy and see it.

<nudges Odie> You gonna send that thing or what?

Strangled sound
Sorry Kasofa, my RL just got crazy on me. I haven't modified anything significantly since you last sent it to me, so sending darthkev the last version you have would work fine. If my RL calms down, I'll try to get back at it, but I'm not optimistic at the moment.

Ok. 😞


Well, it's kinda small as of now and doesn't even have a goal yet. That said, what has been done looks good, especially the fading where the water ends at a beach in front of the citadel.

I don't have anything to add to it at the moment, but I'll keep you posted if I do come up with something.