The Collective Tyranny

My upcoming Epic

This doesn't have anything to do with the Pen. It has a lot of new enemies. This is the teaser for it, that has nothing to do with the story.. Please tell me what you think.

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Awesome. I especially liked the 'platforms' at the very beginning. 🙂

I had to re-register my copy of SF, but it was fun anyways :laugh:



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I'm with Kasofa on this one. 🙂 Okay, I'm downloading it right now... :heythere:


I gotta get to work on this. I've been playing Tribal Wars and... well... HOME WORK!

Aww, forget the homework. 😄


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I gotta get to work on this. I've been playing Tribal Wars and... well... HOME WORK!

You play Tribal Wars also?

well, in German...
but I might play in English too.
Which world do you play on?

Oh, and I'm planning of leaving the board, I've lost my, well... passion for Sketchfighter.

I know how you feel Sidepipe, I've gotten that way too, but I'm still going to hang around for new people and the old people. laughs at Lamkin 😉


EDIT: I've been meaning to say this for a while, I re-met Conelight while playing BZFlag, his callsign is Lego Man at the moment. I'd love to see you guy playing too, if you like. Link in my siggi.

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I know how you feel Sidepipe, I've gotten that way too, but I'm still going to hang around for new people and the old people.
laughs at Lamkin 😉

Ouch. Am I that old? 😉
And Sidepipe, I hope that you'll still check the board every once in a while.

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Heck, I'm still checking the board, though I'm not contributing much by the way of levels...
I should throw together a boss fight or somethin. Maybe a race. (ooooh, I have an idea already.)


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I still check the board occasionally, and I've been here since it started! Albeit I've not got a registered copy of SKF or any remaining knowledge of the editor, but the fond memories of designing TCoC, asking Ed ceaseless questions trying to outdo Lars still remain. ^_^

Anyone who's still interested in game design but yearning for more than Sketch Fighter's map editor, I urge you to check out the Game Maker's Garage:

When I'd been sketchmapping for six months or so I got a sudden hankering to make games and started scouring the internet in search of some easy to use software that could help me. For a long time all I found was some incredibly confusing "programming" based applications though, and learning how to program was the last thing on earth I wanted to do! (for I thought you had to be a genius to be a programer) Eventually however I found a really old application called Mac GameMaker, which was originally designed for OS8 but had been updated to run on OSX, so I downloaded the demo and found it to be exactly what I was looking for. All you needed to do was draw a few pictures, add a few buttons, maybe add some sounds and EUREKA! A game was made!

I was so exited that I joined the Mac GameMaker forum hoping to see some of the other games people had made, but I found it to be long forgotten save for half a dozen members from of the "old days" (kinda like the SketchFighter forum now, only instead of being dead for two years the Mac GameMaker forum had been dead for nearly ten!). After making a few simple games and talking to a few of the veteran members I actually took a stab at learning Mac GameMaker's optional programming language, and I found it easy to understand! My fears of programming were washed away and programming quickly became my favourite hobby, and remains so today.

Anyways, I had been on the forum nearly a year when a terrible catastrophe occurred: The forum's host went out of business! Sad as it was to lose all our old posts and links, we decided not to give up but to build a new forum. And thus was the birth of the Game Maker's Garage. Over the past two years the GMG has grown into a friendly community of hobbyist game makers with plenty of resources and tools to help newcomers. Plus there's now a large amount of free games to download! 😉

So check it out if you're interested:

Question: where is the download for GameMaker?


EDIT: Wow, I have more posts than SW O_o

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Whoops! :wacko: Sorry about that:

Hope to see you on the GMG soon! 🙂

Well, I might join an--
Silver's Award-winning Quest of Magic Open-sourced (10-10-2009)
Silverwind has graciously open-sourced Quest of Magic, his award-winning RPG.

That's YOURS, right, Silver?

Yes, that is Silver's.