Is anyone still here?

Just checking

Hey, is anyone here? I haven't seen anything happening here for a long time.
I just wanted to see how all you guys were doing.


Doing pretty well, just got out of school for the semester a week ago. 🙂

Gratz, about the same here. It's really nice to not have school to do!
Glad to see one person still here!


Still here, just waiting for project multi sketch 2 🙂

I'm still here, too. I check the boards about once a day, but I don't have much—okay, anything—to offer that's new (or even improved). 😉


Hey! People still look! Yay!
Prophile, are you planning on staying, or do you just watch? 😄
I found something interesting.
If you take a normal "Wave gun wave" sprite, and just change the script to "not scripted" it can kill enemies and it won't go away. It's really quite cool. look here for the file -> Attached File (1.87K)
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