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AH!! You fell down a hole!

Hi all (of, like 5 people) Welcome to, the Bugs Nest!
This is a new level I have come up with the idea for! I have it on paper, but now I need to get it on the computer. And boy, this level is (hopefully) pretty big.
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Cool level, hope to see it expand! Sorry I haven't been on for a while. I especially liked the mover rocks.


Thanks! I have a soccer game tomorrow and the day after, so I do not believe that I will be able to make any additions to it then, but maybe in the afternoons...


I am making progress! I am almost to the boss chamber actually, so the wait will (hopefully) be short!


Sorry for not posting progress in this thread for a long time, I think that I might actually have the Fully playable version done. If you see any bugs, please notify me.

And now, for the pre-release version of the Attached File BugNest_1.0.2.zip (10.66K)
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I see bugs. Pretty big bugs. 😛

Sorry for not replying immediately. A cool level, I must say.
Things I really liked:

-Mover rocks
-Hidden passages

Bugs I found:

-You might want to change the "by My Name"
-SpiderBoss is not Extra 2 linked to it's doors.
-Your MiniBoss 2's and 3's don't do the explode thing, if that's what you were working for. (I recommend Boss2 and Boss3 instead)
-One of the waves is not Layer 10, and leads to nothing.

Great job!
Klublex 🙂

Thanks, I'll check it out right now!
Hmm, last time I checked, my Minibosses actually did do the boom. I will see what that is about.


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When I checked, my 'Mini Boss 2' does go boom, and my 'Mini Boss 3' does not.
I changed 'Mini Boss 3' to 'Boss 3'
I fixed the doors, but they have delayed action.
I fixed the wave.
Then I added my name to the level.

Thanks for all the feedback!
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