Announcing a new SketchMap!

I've been working on it since yesterday, but I don't know when the beta will be finished. It's like a mixed level with areas like "Cyborg Wasteland", a mix between the Factory and the Wasteland (hence the name).

P.S. Sorry that I haven't been "active" for a while, but school has been keeping me busy.

Sounds intriguing and don't worry, we all have stuff that keeps us busy. 😉

The taster is now finished! I still have quite a bit of work ahead of me, because this probably won't even be a quarter of what's coming! 😊 😉

Please tell me what you think about:
-The Areas
-The "Floor Technique"
-The Boss


Well, I would tell you what I think about it, but I might want to see it first...
Sounds Cool though!


@kasofa1, on Oct 2 2008, 01:56 AM, said in Announcing a new SketchMap!:

Well, I would tell you what I think about it, but I might want to see it first...
Sounds Cool though!


Slaps self
I forgot to post it...
Well, here it is...

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Um, perhaps the moderators will help out in deleting that post, yes? :huh:

Edit: Thanks Pi! I had forgotten about the option to report.

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sigh Reported. Why the sudden influx of spam?

More on topic, I did like the map. The beams on the floor were cool, if a bit confusing at first. The I'm used to those beams being solid, so moment of confused "Can I go there, or is that solid?" The (mini?) boss before the beamfloor was a bit too easy, as I could just sit out of the way and shoot past the mines. If he moved around more, or made it hard to sit still, (by shooting at you, for example) he'd be much more of a challenge.

Incidentally, what is the etiquette for reporting posts here? I know some places want you to just report silently, to avoid bumping spam topics, and other places want you to say that you've reported the post, to avoid large amounts of dupe reports. Anyone who's been here longer then I willing to clarify?

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We're all good here. Thanks fellows. 🙂

As for the etiquette regarding spam topics, go ahead and bump them when you report them, usually enough mods/supermods are online that they'll quickly be taken care of. If not, no biggie.

Usually when you report a post, you want to give some indication that you did report that post so nobody else does the same. I recall a humorous situation on the Redline forum where I told everyone where the report button was in a spam topic and mrxak got about 6 or 7 pms about a reported post. Heh, good times...

Mmkay, good to know. Thanks guys.

Anyways, back on topic, looking forward to seeing the rest of this map, Sidepipe.

Looks great, Sidepipe!
I'm with Pi, I want to see this finished.
your description has given me some ideas...
Well, I one glitch, where the taster end, I can fly through the shadow sprite there, but that was it, so that's good.

good level!

It is finished!
Sorry, it's only twice as much as the taster, but who knows? I oughta think about a sequel...
Anyway, here it is!
PLEASE read the tips if you get stuck, and I'm looking forward to your opinions!
EDIT: I forgot to remove the skuggkant, and posted the fixed version.

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Good job Sidepipe! Nice level, interesting concepts. My only critiques are that maybe if you redid it, (not that you should) I would make the Pen a boss instead of the forest-thing (or the Pen could be a Boss2). Also, I had to basically redo the whole level after the Pen beat me the first time because of the location of the save station. 😞

Otherwise, A great level!


I can't get past the forest boss because of the way my computer magically slows down when there are lots of moving sprites (ok, so it's not magic, it's just a cruddy computer, so sue me.)
I also found that the mine miniboss's doors can be shot open by the turrets, and I would recommend fixing that.
Otherwise, I couldn't get far enough to find anything else.
cool level!


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