Hey, check it out.

As usual today, I went over to the addons section praying that Hera would be there, but I saw something else : two more addon files released by a guy called Slug.
Who is this Slug? When I check some of the old posts in the OC Bar, I see him and obviously he wasn't well liked. He doesn't seem to have done anything else.

And while we're on the subject, wot about bozorg and c-something ambrose? And who's this motherlove guy I keep hearing about? keep in mind that I am still pretty new to these boards.

At first Slug wasn't so well liked, but I think he wised up. In any case, he left just a few daysor weeks before you came on I guess.

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Don't be confused by the posts in the bar; that's online roleplaying, and nobody likes a Salrilian, do they?

I was as surprised as you when the files turned up; I knew Slug had them, but I thought he'd forgotten about Ares altogether. The upload script is very faulty; last time he tried he couldn't upload them.

Slug is still with us... Somewhere out there. . .

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Motherlove was the kind of person that everybody hated. (s)he was loud, obnoxious, etc.
Commadore Ambrose used to be cool, but then he turned into a total jerk and left the boards.
And everyone loved Slug, smart, cool, (if a bit annoying at times,) funny.
Then there's Garbageman who's name reflected his vocabulary, Bozorg who was a complete d ick, etc...

I used to hate slug because he posted a link to a stupid joke that went on and on and on and on, but as soon as i started to like him again he left :frown: :frown: sniff sniff, oh well i guess well have to find someone else to keep ares alive until hera comes out.

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Well, Slug was the 3rd oldest member here... If I remember correctly.

For being around the longest, It's either me, admiral darkk, or Sundered Angel... I can remember a sundered angel on the old ares boards.

It's always sad to see one more member of the community fall away, once I go, it will just be sundered angel, and thats it.

Assuming admiral darkk still is here, although I HIGHLY doubt it...
And there's cicion, but I forget how long he's been here...

I may be the oldest member here, if not second to SA...

I just forgot what this topic was about.
Whatever, go make a scenario with beta 5 of hera where you play as zerbilite. GO!!!

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