Slugs Gamerangaer membership

Scott Kelvill: I will give up my Gameranger membership to let Slug back in. He is a great guy and he deserves this.

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hehe i wouldn't do that. I get banned all the time! every time i get banned for a longer amount of time! It is funny that scott (or evill) takes insults towards gameranger so personally. He is always booting me for random reasons. last time i got banned for a day! it was fun.

Guys, if you are pissing Scott off to the point where he is banning you, I think you ought to seriously consider that you're acting out of line.

I know Scott personally; he's a good guy, and fairly tolerant -- but people acting imaturely day in and day out, trying to annoy him on purpose -- it's going to take its toll.

Consider also that Game Ranger is a free service; why don't you try being civil and supportive... assuming you want Game Ranger to not be shut down out of sheer frustration, that is...

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I thought I closed this topic long ago. Just drop it.

And get off Scott's back!

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