Need advice

Near end, but lost

First -- just a great game.

Second -- I just don't know what I should do next. Can anyone nudge me in the right direction? Here's my status:

I've been to six parts of the world (Volcano, Race Track, etc.), including the End Zone. It feels as though I've explored everything (except the End Zone) pretty thoroughly.... ten or twelve times... but missed some things....
Eight stars
300% shields
25 missles
Weapons: Super pellets; Super beam; Wave and homing (not super for either)

So I'm thinking that I need to upgrade the remaining wave and homing, then I'll be ready for the End Zone. Is that right?

Also, I can see the weapon upgrade in the southeast part of the volcano, but can't figure out how to knock out the plates that block access to the upgrade, and the skull shooter thingy always smites me. Can't find the other weapon upgrade whatsoever.

So I'm stuck. I'd appreciate any advice - thanks!


Welcome to the boards, cbearg, and congrats on getting that far! OK, first, the S. Homing upgrade is in the end zone, you need Homing to get it. Go left, and explore. Super Wave: Some enemies are mightier then thou... highlight that --> for answer.


you need to decoy the Skull Turret into hitting the blocks.

As for the two stars missing, the stars by the gates in the end zone are colored, and those colors matter. Red=Volcano, Yellow=Wasteland, so on. The ones you've gotten are black, and there are two stars in each area.

Hope this helps!


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Hey, thanks for the info. Really appreciate it!


Heh, no problem. Oh, for future reference, try It's still in development, but it's a good site for SKF Help.

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