How to Download My 2 new Addon-files

I've been digging through Ambrosia's ftp server with a fine-tooth comb and have found that the reason the files Violent Sounds and SWA wont download is that the Type Sig. is screwed up. After a little bit of experimentation, I've come up with a procedure on how to get the files to Download and work.

If you click on the Download link and it pops up a page of gibberish, then:

Step 1) Option-click on the download link for the file you want.
Step 2) When it asks for a location to save the file, select the desktop.
Step 3) It will download and say that it's a type " " file. Don't panic, just wait.
Step 4) When it's finished Downloading, drag the file (which is labeled as scenerios &file;=Violent%20Sounds on the Desktop) on to Stuffit Expander and it should be able to decode the file (if not, treat it like a .sea file, and open expander, then decompress manually)

Viola! If you are having any trouble with any of my files still, don't hesitate to email me.

hey slug i downloaded both your new ad-ons but when i tried to open them it said
"COULD NOT FIND APLICATION PROGRAM THAT CREATED IT" for both swa and violent sounds plaese help.please


Umm... Sounds great, but what do they do? I would assume that "Violent Sounds" would add screams, terror, and the like, but what about "SWA?"

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Bothe the applications are .sea files, just drag them over a copy of expander and they should decompress into folders with ares files in them. I did wut you said Slug, and the files rock.

Anyways, the files are Ares Data files. just drag them into yer Ares data folder and start up ares.

so when u download the files u just drag them to the ares data folder and your good to go or what?


No, when u download the files (by pressing option when u click on the link), expand them with Stuffit Expander. Then you will get a folder with the actual Ares Data and a readme.

You can tell if u did it right when the data file has an audemedon ship instead of the ishiman ship on the icon.

Just drag that file into your Ares Data folder (replace or rename the origionals), boot up Ares, and yer golden.

Slug, could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make me a scenario update where you go thorugh the game as the Salrilians. I love the Sals, they are the most awesome species there is. If not, could you at least tell me how?


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MacMan- Slug already has plans for his future scenarios. Someone else might make a scenario where you can play as the Sals, though.

Fenix- Everything you need to know is written in this thread. If you still don't understand... Just sit down and be quiet like a good little 8 year old. Because honestly, your posting style is immature. Try and develop it.

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