Crazy Zone

Not the built-in one!

BETA Status: Exepting BETA Testers, open until March 10 2007.
Current BETA Testers: D-ATTACK, (Pi), Silverwind, ---, Dogbert
Completed: 1%

After my fail at it with bugs on Temple of Death , I have decided to make a new more built-in-like map. Wacky as the real crazy zone, contains:
25 Mini-Bosses!
5 Bosses!
5 Areas!
That's as much as I will say, since I don't want it like the Temple of Death which had an example. Teasing picture below!
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@firefalcon, on Feb 8 2007, 01:39 PM, said in Crazy Zone:

25 Mini-Bosses!

Impressive. How many of your Bosses/Mini Bosses drop shields when they die?

Anyway, looks like this should be an interesting level. Just make sure it's possible to find your way around it after you killed half the bosses.


Cool stuff FF! Does this mean you're abandoning TTOD though?

Is there any chance i could test it for you? I would only be able to on weekends though. Sounds like it should be fun.

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OoOh, looks like fun. Is the player going to find a different color gun in each zone, or what? Still looks cool.

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@Dogbert: I'm just starting today, and I will only release it AFTER (yes, even the betas) 1.0.1.
@Pi: The player finds the color for the next area in the area's boss.
@Edwards: I hope most of them, but with 5 per zone, that'll be hard.
@Silverwind: Yes, most likely, since a lot of bugs have been reported.

(EDIT): More info! Zones: Wasteland, Volcano, Ice Caves, Forest, Finale Zone.

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Now that's original. Good luck 🙂

How Much Progress have you made so far? Enough for a teasing screenshot perhaps? ^_^

Unfortionataly, no. I havn't had much time, and I've been wasting my time on making add-ons for Redline's I-want-this-car people. I hope I can work more on it, but I have 10 cars I'm working for Redline along with my cooparator called Buzzzzy.

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Ok. BETA test is now open, but they will recieve the level after March 10 2007. See top post for the details.

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I want to be a BETA tester please.

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I'll Beta if you need another.


Ok. But I'll send the level to you guys by March 10.

I'd also like to beta if another tester's needed.

I'll test as well.

Woo-oo-o! I'd never think so many people would want to be...

Woo hoo! only 14 days left right? I hope you've got some of those many Mini Bosses completed. 😉

@silverwind, on Feb 27 2007, 04:18 PM, said in Crazy Zone:

Woo hoo! only 14 days left right?

I think it's 11.

Woops, I forgot that Feb only has 28 days. Even better!

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