Wasteland Star Hint, por favor

Hola Sketchfighters-
I'm hoping someone more skilled than I can provide a gentle nudge in the right direction. I'm one star away from the end zone, and I can't figure out how to get that last one. It is the star found in the lower section of the Wasteland, it is protected by a turret I can't reach (even with homing pellets) and a bunch of mines that take my shields from 300% to Game Over in an instant. I've fired every weapon in every color but I don't seem to be doing much more than wasting time. I feel as though I have combed all areas for switches, but I must be missing something!

Is it that place with all the small explosive boxes? If so, the way to get past the turret is to make him fire at you and fly out of the way as soon as he does. The turrets bullets should then hit the explosive boxes blowing them up so that you can now fly further into the room. There's also a black door guarding the star if I'm not mistaken, but I can't remember how to open it. If you say you've pressed nearly all the switches, it might be open when you get there.

Good luck young Sketchfighter! 😉

A thousand thanks, Silverwind! We kept going slowly and carefully into that room. Turns out dashing in quickly was the key. I'm playing with a somewhat timid four year old on my lap, and he isn't big on going quickly anywhere (as you might see from our time). We spent longer on that star than we did on the pen!

Thanks again!
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Congrats for completing the game! Now you get to do it again in hard mode 😉

Don't worry about your time, there's been worse, much worse.

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