The Shrine of the Seasons

So this is the official announcement of my next level. The Shrine of the Seasons. I've been dissatisfied with all recent Sketch offerings, including TTotP. They all have the same Factory/Forest/Volcano/Ice Caves/End Zone theme. Enter TSotS. This level has four variations of a forest theme. Each is based on a different season. However, the main gimmick is that at the beginning of the game you most choose which season you want to play. Each season has it's own race goal after the final boss. I hope to create a really unique level here. Wish me luck!


That said, i like the idea of lots of forestes. Especially a Fall themed one. I like Fall.

Picture! Notice how awesome my arch is? 😄
Posted Image

Cool! looks great! now all you need is some shadows and maybe some cool banner on the top.

Now that's one cool arch! You should have one for each of the entrances to a Season, each one built up of the seasons elements. Nice one GSN.

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