[PROPOSITION] Four Seasons

So I was playing the Five Seasons level and I got an idea. Why not make a level with areas representing the four real seasons? It would be less linear then the Temple of the Pen. There would be no fifth, final area. Instead it would be a collect the stars quest. The fifth star would be unlocked by collecting the first four. I probably wouldn't use all weapons and ship types. What do you think? Should I go for it?

Anyhow, that's all. Now I must go write a report on Zoroastrianism. Blech.

Yeah, go for it. Sound cool. Or, alternately, you could make someone else do it. And yes, bleach. Reports are all the times bad.

Well, Pi's approval is good enough for me. I'll start now.


But really, you just finished Temple of the Pen. Give yourself a break, man. unless, i suppose, you like doing this enough to keep going. In which case you're kinda werid, but who am i to judge. I read about string theory for fun. I'm weird too.

I love doing new stuff for games. After I finish this map I'll be all burned out and go back to EV: Nova. I could use two beta testers for this map. First two to reply get the job.

ME ME!!! I'll gladly test.

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I'll volunteer if you need my assistance.

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