A few of us in the Ares community happen to be at a disadvantage since GameRanger, the app used to find people to play Ares with over the 'net, is PPC only. This thread is a continuance of an older one just to expand the list of 68k users.

Our solution is to create a list of 68k users who use AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) or ICQ. Please post these usernames/nubmers here.

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I'm not on a 68k machine, but I'd love to give some people who haven't played before, a chance to play.

ICQ: 10238651

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Hey, I'm 68K and I can't get <start net game> to undim.
AIM: ragahast1
ICQ: 63971179

mail to: darklord_morgoth@yahoo.com
Note: My IP address is server assigned; it's not static. 😕

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I just thought I'd refresh this thread and also point out that even if you're not a 68k user, you can help a fellow Mac user out by leaving your ICQ/AIM information with us so we can have the privelege of playing over the net.


I'll add my number to the 68k list:


Just so y'all know, im on mountain time...but drop a line, ill prob be up for a game

68k macs rule!

Add me to the list, I dont have a 68k machine but I cant get gameranger to work

e-mail me at matrekie@aol.com
my instant messenger is matrekie

im in central time so keep that in mind to
i hope to play you all soon
(actually i have now figured out how to get gameranger but ill still play anyone who wants a game)
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Add me to the list 🙂
Shouldnt the creaters of gameranger make life a little easier for everyone and make a 68k version? im sick of being left out!


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Just an idea: What about a 68k user's clan for ares. It could include most of those here, plus anyone else interested.

68k macs rule!

<important note> All 68k Users email me <important note>

I don't have a 68k machine, but if someone does and they want a game, my ICQ # is:13963758

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I just got Ares last week, but I'm up for a game.
AIM: Tuxedo X
yes, it's a static IP, and I'm in central time
I have two lovely 68k machines- a Quadra 630CD and a Quadra 650.