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This is probably silly...

That thing that I see when I click on "2-player Internet" that lists me and all other people online (I'm pretty sure that's called the tracker) is giving me difficulties. The only two times there have been other people around, I can't seem to figure out how to invite said person to a game. Am I (after asking, of course) supposed to click his/her name in th list? I can't figure out how to "chose a person from the list." Also, I was wondering if there was a way to keep myself available for a game in the tracker lobby while doing something else on my computer, for there isn't enough traffic to guarantee a game at a given time, but I don't want to just sit around all the time waiting for someone to show up.

Yes, just click on the person's name. To stay available while doing something else, Set the game to run in a window if it isn't all ready, go to the tracker, and just keep an eye on it. Personally, i only play games with my friend "Lord Bowler", and we talk over iChat first, so i don't know how well that would work. You could, theoretically, make/get someone to make a program that would put a thing in the Menu Bar that would tell you what's going on in the tracker...

Ok, I just went back. There was one person (besides myself) listed in the tracker, though he'd been idle for 1:42. I clicked on his name, mine, and everything of the sort, but nothing happened (that I could see). What should I be doing?

It probably won't let you invite people if they're idle. Could get annoying if you left for a while, then came back with twenty-some invites. I can probably be on the tracker tomorrow at noon Indianopolis time, if you'd care to meet me.

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Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't get the message until just now (I had to work this morning). Would you be available tonight anytime between 8:30 and 11:00 Indianapolis time?

Yeah, i'll try to be there from 8:30 till mom make me go to bed, which is around 9:30. See you then. Oh, is your name in the tracker just "zquipper", or is it something else? Mine's "(Pi)".

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oh, I was confused for a second.

I guess some people call that screen the tracker, but I tend to think of the tracker as this page (which you cannot click on). This is what I generally use, instead of keeping Sketchfighter running all the time. The in game screen is called the lobby in most games.

You do indeed click on people's names to invite them, but there is a checkbox that says ignore invitations. If a person has that checked, you can't click on their name.

@ ZQ-

Sorry, i didn't make it to the lobby till 9:12. I didn't see you there. I'll keep checking in.


EDIT: Crud. I heard from "Guy" that you were there but vanished from the lobby. So, that was poor timing on my part. Do you want to try to meet again, or what?

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Thank yous to PiSketch/(Pi) and Veritus Datarion Guy who helped me understand the complex interface of the "lobby."

As a side note, I believe that if a person has been idle for 30+ minutes, he/she is uninviteable.

EDIT: Oh, and about the vanishing from the lobby, that was my keyboard running out of battery power (silly wireless things) and a highly eventful night trying to recharge it.

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