Not sure if this has been brought up yet...

Will custom maps be play-able online?

This sure would add a whole lot of fun to the game. Because once you know the layout of the map, gameplay becomes a tad repetitive. Utilizing the map maker, there would be an infinite amount of possible ways to play the game. I believe this would benefit the growing SketchFighter community greatly. The thought came to me while working on a map (named Gladiator) I was naturally basing the atmoshpere and general gameplay around having another human player tethered to my ship. Any thoughts? I strongly suggest this be an addition in the next update, or sometime in other future updates. 😉

Great game btw, can't stress that enough (final boss was awsome!) 😄

It has been suggested a number of times already. There's a possibility it could be included in a future patch, although it's completely up to the developer.

Patch 1.0.1 is already in the works, which I believe will be mostly bug fixes. I wouldn't keep your hopes up for it to be included in that patch.

Oh ok, I was just wondering if it was a possibility, sounds like it will.

(offtopic) I suppose the forums were under some work last night, which is why its all cool-er now?)

It's the upgrade to IPB 2.2.

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