just wanna say thanks!

I have been waiting for this game a looooooooooooooong time now. I remember thinking to myself, "Wouldn't it be hot if there was a game (just like this) with hand drawn graphics? Hah, wish come true, Ambrosia style!
Even though I dont have the full version, I can easily see myself getting lost for a couple hours a day with this game. Simple, utterly addictive. The fighter kinda handles like a suped up starbridge in EV:N. One thing that I was thinking about, was strafing. I'm guessing this was discussed as a possibility, but removed or scrapped b/c of balance issues. But hey, 10/10 right here. And the editor is a great addition, too. Just wanted to say thanks!
keep rollin' out the good games, I've been with Ambrosia since Maelstrom! (I would like to congradulate Ambrosia for wasting at least a hundred hours playing that game when i was a wee lad!) 😄