Allies? [FDC]

TI have a question. (SA) an old clan was going to be in allie with us (<chi> ) with there leader Ares Capnt. I know know he is in (FDC) and another member of <chi> lex (now known as chris) is now on (FDC) So are you guys with us or not!?!?!?! 🙂


Frankly, only other clan members give a flying @##@ about 'war', 'alliance', and so forth, so in the future email these messages directly to each other rather than clogging up our nice, pretty forum.

<chi>cat i am sorry about this mixup. This person "chris is a friend's login name. I am using the name: (FDC)řşLexřş instead of: <chi>Lex. I have also changed my clan to FDC. But i have found that we are allied with chi. so fdc and chi are allies and i am still with chi in a way. Chris is just a friend of mine. He means nothing to you. I was just at his house setting something up for him in gameranger. SO STOP THIS CONFUSION!! and ares capt is somewhere and he is currently in fdc