Multiwinia Tournament

Registration Closes on 10 May 2009

To quote Jelco, the keeper of the Ladder, and the organizer of this tournament:

QUOTE (jelco)

Signup deadline: May 10th

It's competition time! In celebration of the 6-month-anniversary of the Multiwinia Ladder, I bring you the Multiwinia all-round 1v1 tournament!

This tournament will comprise of two stages: the group stage and the knockout stage. In the group stage, the competitors get divided into equally sized groups (entrants permitting), and every player dukes it out with each and every other player in his/her group several times. In the group stage, you will play Capture the Statue and King of the Hill matches versus every player in your group. The best players from each group move on to the knockout stage, which is divided in two parts. The first part will consist of Domination matches, the second half and conclusion of the tournament will be Blitzkrieg.

The details of the match scheme will be fleshed out once we have a complete list of entrants. Everyone who wants to sign up for the tournament can do so by going to the dedicated page on the Ladder. Players will need to have a full version of Multiwinia for either PC or Mac, and will have to be registered to the Ladder. If you signed in and want to get out again, you can do so on the same page (until the deadline closes of course).

There is no set number of applicants, but a minimum of 20 people is definitely a set goal. The match scheme will be adjusted to the amount of players that signed up, unless this becomes difficult for one reason or another - in that case, players will be denied entry to the tournament, the last players to sign up are the first to go. So sign up soon! 🙂

The list of applicants can be found here.

Q: How will the matches be played and tracked?
A: The matches will be played using dedicated servers. Players can request a server to be readied for a particular match using a simple form on the website, after which it will appear in the server list. Special measures will be taken to make sure only the match participants can enter the server. Each match can only be played once. Unless a disconnect is unavoidable (such as during a sync error) a match will not be invalidated when a disconnect occurs.

Q: What maps will be used?
A: The maps aren't set yet, so if you want to suggest a certain map please do so in this topic, along with your reasons for why this map should be used. There will be one map used per game mode.

Q: Why are Assault and Rocket Riot not featured?
A: These game modes are considered the least competitive and least fun game modes of Multiwinia, with Assault in particular being quite unbalanced on practically every map.

Q: Will matches from this tournament in any way affect Ladder standings?
A: They will be indexed, but they will not be ranked, so they won't affect your rating.

Q: What's up for grabs? wink
A: The prizes are being sorted out, but don't expect them to be huge - I'm on a student budget after all. Prizes I can confirm are Darwinia and Defcon (boxed copies for the PC) and I'm going to try my best to secure some Foamwinians again. I will have to try my utter best to get some Mac prizes ready as well, since I don't want to alienate part of the potential crowd.

If you have any questions to ask, please do so in this topic and I will try to answer them as soon as possible.

And, as an added bonus to encourage you Mac users to play, Ambrosia Software has offered up registration codes for Uplink, Defcon, and Darwinia to the winner (should that person be a Mac user).


Well hot-diggity sign me up!