Multiwinia for free

OMG OMG OMG that's a fishy topic title.


You just beat me to it... heh. Yeah, MacHeist is now offering a free copy of Multiwinia to anyone who had purchased or will be purchasing one of their bundles!

Correction: Everyone who purchases the bundle and uses Twitter. 😞
It's kind of lame that MacHeist has been pushing Twitter so much this time, but on the other hand if you have a Twitter it's a good deal!

Or, you could do what so many Mac Heisters are doing and create a Twitter account, then never use it again.

I traded a guy on Macheist for Multiwinia with Timepost and Process 3. I'm so proud of myself now! 😄

OK, I navigated around the website and I couldn't figure out what the heck I need to do to buy the software. It's all blah blah secret agent blah blah charity. I don't care. I want to give someone money and get software. What's the short answer on how to do that?

Buy it from here?

The Macheist bundle has just been discontinued, so if you want to get Multiwinia from Macheist and haven't bought the bundle, your best bet is to trade people for it using apps on the Macheist forums. That's all I can suggest, but the freebie offer is effectively over for those who don't have the bundle.

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