Does full version allow key re mapping?

Just downloaded the demo and am loving it. The only frustrating thing is that I cannot seem to change the camera control key mappings from WSAD. I realize that this may not be possible in the demo (after all, it is a demo), but if I can't change them in the full version may adversely affect my decision to get the game.

There's no option anywhere in the game (that I saw) to change key settings. Somebody else might know if there's any method to do so.

Just out of curiosity, what's wrong with the WSAD option?

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Just out of curiosity, what's wrong with the WSAD option?

The only thing wrong with it is that I prefer to use ESDF (one key to the right) :). This is what I've used for more years then I'm willing to omit, so it's hard to retrain my fingers now.

There is no easy way to remap the keys, however, if you are willing to mess around with the data files a bit, it is possible. However, note that doing so will prevent the auto-updater from running, so when new versions come out, you will have to download them and install them manually.

  1. Find, right-click on it (or ctrl-click on it), and select the option "Show Package Contents".
  2. Navigate to Contents/Resources/.
  3. Find "main.dat". This file is actually a .rar archive, which you can unarchive with a utility such as UnRarX (Google it). When you unarchive it, a new directory called "data/" should be created in the Resources/ directory.
  4. In this new data/input/ directory, you should find a file called "input_preferences.txt". You can edit this file to change the input settings (it should be pretty obvious how it works). There is no need to rearchive the data/ directory (the game will read data from it directly).


Works like a charm. Thanks!

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