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Not your daddy's darwinia

This is a rather addictive game, while showing it at Macworld, I got rather hung on it and found myself looking forward to get back to the show floor each day to continue on with the fight. (so, put that into perspective, I actually wanted to go to work, stand on my feet, talking to a zillion people all for a chance to play... )

I want the people here to realize that this game is deceptive in how good it is, so if you happen to get a great screen shot showing the wanton destruction or carnage, please show it here!

Best screen shots might actually win some ambrosia goodies!

Climb inside a flame thrower and light your enemies up. Warning: Their screams might haunt you long after the game is won.

Like a god drunk on power, rain fire from the sky and wipe your enemies from the map with Meteors!

Looking a bit ill? Plague like you've never seen infects your team. Destroy them before they take you all with them!

You willing to send your troops face first into a rocket turret? I know I am. :hector_bird:

It's like the Normandy Beach scene in "Saving Private Ryan", only these guys are better.

Strategy... it's part of all battles.. and your strategy is to figure out how to get those big things back to home base without being killed.

There's a shortcut - I think it's option-x - to show and hide the UI. Handy for screenshots!

If this game will play on a 1GHz G4 it looks like a keeper. Oh well, it is a 20 minute drive to the Apple Store @theMall.

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