What editors are available?

For EVN, R&R's Nova Tools for ResEdit introduce massive functionality and a pleasing interface into the venerable ResEdit. For most work in OS9 they can't be beat. However, ResEdit is not especially stable under OSX.

Under OSX, Mission Computer and EVONE are the big boys. Both have their strengths, are fundamentally stable, and both are not yet in the finished state the authors are working towards. Mission Computer has great strengths in Missions, and edits all resources, although some editors are rudimentary. It has good on line and context sensitive help, and offers some extra goodies. EVONE has the great advantage that it can look at all your plugin files at once. It also edits all resources, though again some of the editors are well developed and others are rudimentary.

EVONE also contains a converter to turn EVO files into EVN files - however, there are a number of undocumented differences which will not be trapped. See the FAQ on that topic.

These utilities are available on the add-ons page, although check for announcements on the developer's page for newer versions which may take some time to filter through.

For EVO, Mission Control is a Missions dedicated editor. Shipwrite is a ship editor and EVO Developer's Map is a map, system and spob editor. EV-Edit works for both EV and EVO.

Shipwrite and MissionControl: http://www.sutherland-studios.com.au/famil...o_software.html

EVO Dev Map: http://members01.chello.se/warlordpontus/e.../ev/evomap.html

EV-Edit: http://users.aol.com/burgr/evedit.html

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Be very careful when using either EV-Edit or Mission Control. EV-Edit is notoriously buggy and has eaten many a plug. Mission Control is also buggy, but since it is a beta, that's likely to change in the future.

Always make a backup of your plug, especially if you use either of these utilities!

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I'm sorry to say this since EV-Edit had the potential to be one of the best editors around, but NEVER USE EV-Edit. It WILL corrupt your resource files, repeat, it WILL corrupt your resource files 100% of the time. If you want to get even with your little or big sibling whois designing a plug of their own and they have done something to piss you off, just open their plug in EV-Edit, change something, change it back, save then quit. Bingo, now little/big bro/sis has a perfectly corrupted plug, makes for great revenge, but not a good editor in any sense.


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For editing a number of resources on both Escape Velocity and EV Override, I point you towards MissionComputer.

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na, I'll point you to EVONE

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Originally posted by Jager:
**na, I'll point you to EVONE


Its here now.


na, i wouldnt know that..

I only do there tech support, Right the Read-Me for EVONE, and Alpha and Beta (the never ending beta...) tested it

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This should also be updated for EVNEW

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All right, let's get all the info in one post, shall we?
For editing with EV Nova, the main choices for editors are Resedit with Novatools, Mission Computer, EVONE, and EVNEW.
Their main features:
Resedit: Reasonably stable, non buggy, it works, and it can edit just about everything you need it to. But works best on OS 9, since it isn't an OS X app.
Mission Computer or EVONE: Both are the best choices to use in OS X. Both are stable, though both are also still in development. They each have a varying range of functionality on what they can edit and how easy they are to use. Both still have some bugs to be worked out. However, expect continued support, patches, upgrades, and new features to both. Already feature complete enough to use without the need of Resedit, expect these two to only get better as time goes on. Check both out if you use OS X, as each have a couple of features or benefits unique to each. Both also can do EV and EVO plugin editing. Note though, that EVONE is shareware.
EVNEW: The only plugin editor for editing Nova plugins on windows. Fairly new, and already a very good editor to use. Again, expect this to get better with new releases. You could think of it right now as how Apple's beta of Safari was. A bit buggy, but already ready to compete with the rest.
For editing EVO or EV:
Use one of the OS X Nova editors, or better yet, just make your plugin for Nova instead. Avoid older editors like EV-Edit if at all possible. Remember, EV-Edit for your plugins is like Mad Cow disease for your nation's livestock; it will infect any it touches, will be non-curable, and you'll be forced to burn them all and start over to fix the damage.

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