Troubleshooting:Why does my plug-in make Escape Velocity crash?

Some mistakes in plug-ins can cause Escape Velocity to crash. This is sign that something wasn't created properly or completely in your plug-in. You should go over all of the steps to make sure you have done everything correctly, and consult the EV Bible for the details of the particular resource you are working with.

Most common errors:

- Spin resource not set properly. A mask or sprite may have the wrong ID when compared with the spin resource. This will cause EV to quit on loading with a "Not enough memory" error.

- Missing resource: say you've got a system with düde ID 156 in it, and there is no düde ID 156. When EV tries to load this düde to display in your system, it will probably freeze. Same goes for weapons, outfits, ships, and basically anything else.

- Extra-large graphics: if you've got extremely large graphics, your players will need more memory. Try to optimize your graphics so that they will be as small as possible before putting them into ResEdit. 256 colors, 72x72 dpi, plain B&W; masks (no grayscale), and don't make ships larger than 100x100 in pixel size.