A Modding Community Survey

Because he asked nicely

Hola folks,

Was chatting with a rather nice fellow by the name of Nathaniel Poor, and he is currently running a survey about game modders, their sense of community, and their motivations. And of course he turned to Ambrosia since our products are rather well known for the modding and plug-in community. He asked me if I wouldn't mind posting it for him, as my name and association with this site will carry more weight than some random new member.

So, lets all help a guy out and offer some real information on modding and the communities that support it. (Answer truthfully, just because you came from the Ambrosia boards, you don't need to respond with only our products.)

The survey is here:
It runs from October 5th to October 19th.

From Nathaniel Poor, PhD


I'm not aware of any academic surveys of modders, and modding is an awesome activity which combines elements of play, remix, coding, and community (and sometimes graphics, narrative, etc.), and since these are all topics that have been recognized for their importance, I think it's pretty clear that modding is important too.

The survey is pretty short, 10 pages at most, some pages have just one question and some have about eight or nine (agree/disagree type questions). Three respondents will be randomly chosen to receive a $20 Amazon gift card (as a random thank-you) if they fill out the whole survey and fill in their email address at the end. The first page of the survey has more information about me and the survey, and you can read the first page without actually starting the survey.

Thanks for your help in getting the word out about my survey to your modders!

-Nat Poor.

(The legal jargon... this survey, it's questions, or any thank-yous offered are that of Dr. Poor, and are not associated with Ambrosia Software or it's crew. We are just posting it to help his research into the modding community, a community that has been a pillar of what has made Ambrosia what it is today.)

Perhaps this would receive more attention in the EV Developer’s Corner? 🙂