Plug in developing

Is there such a thing as a 'Guide to creating Nova Plug ins' around anywhere? Mainly things like how to use ncbs.

Welcome to the boards! There's a fairly full description of how NCBs work near the beginning of the Nova Bible (available in various formats from the Guides page), which is the main source of information about the plug-in format — or is it that you've already read that, and are looking for further explanation?

Hi again - sorry it's been a while!

Really what I'm looking for is a manual (other than the Nova Bible, which I have read) that explains the best way to make storyline plugins for Nova, and a further explanation of how to use NCBs and what ones are used already. Also a list of what descs and misn numbers are already used, and if there is an 'accepted' use for desc numbers etc. eg for accept mission, cargo load text etc.

I have looked at a few plug-ins and tried to work out what they have used as a structure, but haven't seen any clear patterns.

I hope you know what I'm trying to say!


I don’t have a link, but I believe there is a document called the ‘EVN Bits Bible’ which lists the uses to which different bits are set in the default scenario.