"Invalid Map File Specified"

I switched profiles and all of sudden it just quit, and told me to check the blackbox.txt file.

Here's what that says:


VERSION : macosx-ppc-full-1.4.2
ERROR   : 'Invalid map file specified'

====== STACKTRACE =======

retAddress = 0x3d994
retAddress = 0x3d750
retAddress = 0x33b64
retAddress = 0x36480
retAddress = 0x1edc8
retAddress = 0x8c64
retAddress = 0x8658
retAddress = 0x64e38
retAddress = 0x64fc0
retAddress = 0x56d60
retAddress = 0x568c
retAddress = 0x92b21ea8
retAddress = 0x913fc960
retAddress = 0x92b1f6dc
retAddress = 0x93b94a04
retAddress = 0x93b9491c
retAddress = 0x93b1c21c
retAddress = 0x93b1ba54
retAddress = 0x92b42700
retAddress = 0x92b424d4
retAddress = 0x94ba4ce4
retAddress = 0x94ba4bec
retAddress = 0x94ba49f0
retAddress = 0x923bee88
retAddress = 0x93b195f8
retAddress = 0x93b18d88
retAddress = 0x93b12a44
retAddress = 0x93ae3448
retAddress = 0x5968
retAddress = 0x295c
retAddress = 0x27dc
retAddress = 0xbffffc2c

Every time I try to open it I get the same message.

I know someone here knows how to help me - I just have no idea

First off, this should have been posted in the Darwinia section of the forums. I have asked someone to move it there for you.

Second off, you really haven't given me enough information to answer the question. The error means that the user profile that you are using thinks that a particular map exists, but that the game cannot find that map. This is an error that generally occurs when one tries to use a profile created for one mod with another mod. So, my first guess would be to have you check what mod is activated (if any), and see if that is the problem. But, again, you have told me next to nothing about your problem.

What are the nature of the two profiles? What have you changed recently? Are you using any mods?