Reset a level when finished?

Is it possible to reset a level after it's been finished, in order to play it again? There are a few levels that I'd like to play again, but when I go into them they're already finished and there's no 'reset level' option.

Just wondering.



There is no way to reset a level once you have finished it. However, if you want to replay a level, you can use the profile that is given to you when you finish the game. If you haven't finished the game, hurry up and do so. 😉


Gaahh... stupid me stuck with the windows version again (like with uplink.)

The windows version is buggy as hell (like with uplink) and that feature screwed up for me.

That's odd. As far as I'm aware the PC and Mac versions are pretty much identical if you have the latest patch installed on each.

Could you double check which version you're running? Also, can you describe what happens when you try to use that profile?

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