G4 TV's X-Play gives Darwinia 5 out of 5!

Recently G4's X-Play has awarded Introversions addictive brainchild Darwinia with a 5 out of 5 rating!

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Greg Bemis writes:
"Darwinia is a game that shows to value of limitation over excess. This is a title developed by a handful of people with almost no budget. The visuals are simple yet strikingly effective. The core gameplay is manageable, yet effectively complex. A game like this isn’t produced by huge teams with tons of money. Those kinds of games (god bless ‘em) are pure craft. Darwinia is art."

To read the article and see the video please visit the site below:

G4TV? Eeww...

They are correct though, Darwinia's badass.


Quite a glowing review there. 🙂

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