A few questions from a newbie

First question, I'd downloaded Ares from download.com, but their version is 1.1.0, is there an updater to get v1.1.1, or will I need to download the whole thing?

Second question, how do you input the cheat codes?

I think there is an updater.
For the second, try hitting <command><power key> while in Ares. :rolleyes: You will see a dialogue box. :rolleyes: Type in "G Finder" (remove quotes). If it unexpectedly quits you, you entered something wrong. :rolleyes:

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Actually you can implement cheats with ResEdit. If you can give me proof that you've beaten the game I'll tell you how.

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"Free exchange of information is the only safeguard against tyrany." If you go to (url="http://"http://www.axis.n3.net")www.axis.n3.net(/url), you will find the method for accessing the secret levels. If you are talking about the cheat codes (lots of money, invisability, etc) there is a topic in "Ares Briefing Room" called "i need codes/cheats for ares 1.1.1." Obviously, these are the codes for version 1.1.1. Sorry, Admiral Sargatanus.


Thats cruel Darkk. =P

That debug console does have valid uses though, sometimes it'll get you out of a crash when forcequit doesn't. "G Finder" and "Go finder" are equivilant commands.

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And if you press the Command key and then hold it down, then wait 3 seconds and press Q while in Ares with the command key still down, you can see a special screenshot of Ares 3D, Lamont's next game!

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Yeah!! He's right!! And if you hold down every key on the keybourd in 5 secounds alphabetically and numerically and then unplug the computer four or five times rapidly youll get the AREs forklift!!!!!!


What the heck...


Please excuse the appearent crack-induced behavior of some of our members, everyone knows that the only way to cheat is to hold down the command key, then systematicly go through every letter on your keyboard starting with 'q', and then selecting everything on your desktop before proceding. Dont forget to use delete too!

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Jeese.....stop lying... 🙂

If you want to get the codes to work, you take a 2 liter bottle of soda and and pour it all over your computer.

Then when the computer starts making weird noises then you get the codes by doing the following......

sticking your hand in an electrical outlet = extra resources
hitting your cpu with a hammer as hard as you can = invisibility
throwing your printer out a window = increase in pay rate

If the codes didn't work then you did something wrong, i suggest doing it again.


ramble on..

Round of applause for Darkk's twisted sense of humour

I know the joke's stale, I just found it now and thought it was funny.

Actually, your all wrong.
To make the cheats REALLY work, if you have a friend who owns a pc, take your mac over there, plug it in ect. ect.(prefferably facing the pc) launch ares and do all of the above posts to the pc. then all of the cheats become active, if it doesnt work go and do it to all of your friends pc's!

-dont forget to get a soldering iron and melt into the side of the tower or desktop: "Get a MAC", "MACS RULE" or both. Not only will you get the cheats but u'll get a lot of enjoyment out of it!!

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