Darwinia testers wanted!

Intel Mac users especially

Introversion has been hard at work on a Universal Binary version of Darwinia with native support for Intel Macs, as well as bug fixes across the board for both the Intel and PowerPC builds.

We're looking for people who might be interested in joining in to beta test this new version of Darwinia. We're especially interested in having testers on board who are using one of the new Intel Macs.

If you're interested, please send us an email:

To: badams@AmbrosiaSW.com
Subject: Darwinia beta test

...and include your system specifications in the email. Thanks in advance!

Still looking for Beta Testers


Thanks, I sent a reply

I'm still up for testing. Didn't think I needed to send off an email though, as I'm already on the list.

Yay, beta.

I should think you get beta by default, andcarne.

anyone that is already on the list will remain on the beta list

by getting acdcepted as a dariwnia beta tester are you added to the list automatically?

Nope. Took me a week to get added to the list after being accepted

is there any chance of getting a licewnse key to test all the levels?

Done taking users for the beta list.


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