Darwinia Glitch

Radar Dish Problems

I've been having trouble aiming the Radar Dishes. In, say, the Mine level, I cant point the Radar dish! I select the dish, but once I begin to aim, the camera starts jumping around.

I don't know if its a performance problem or a unique glitch I've found, but I would appreciate any help.

It's a performance problem and is fixed in the upcoming patch.

As a temporary solution switch to the Debug Cam using F2.

Some other dish glitches:

1. when you direct something to take a dish across, if you click a point on the ground that is inside the dish, the directed group will bounce repeatedly off the dish instead of walking in.

2. sometimes squads will get lost in transit; they do not appear by the destination dish, and when you select them using opt-tab all you get is a yellow polygon that takes up the whole screen.

MacOS X 10.3.9, Darwinia 1.10


Both problems fixed in v1.21.