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Level trouble

Ok, is it me or is it hard to collect 200 darwainians for the second level? Do I just suck or is it actually hard? And does anyone have any tips?

Bird of war

It is hard. At least, it is hard enough that IV have brought the number down to 150 in the patch. However, it is still possible. Generally, when you go into an area to kill virii, I would suggest that you also bring in several engineers to collect the souls before they float off. Also, if I recall correctly, there are a couple of spore generators in the level (they lay eggs). Leave those guys alone for a while, and make sure that there are a few virii below them. When they lay eggs, the virii will collect souls to fertilize the eggs. Each egg hatches three or four virii. Thus, you can get more souls. Specifically, the strategy works like this:

  1. Assualt a virus patch with a spore generator. Kill off most (but not all) of the virii. Collect as many souls as you can.
  2. When there are only a few virii left, retreat, and leave a few souls on the ground.
  3. Wait for the spore generator to lay a few eggs, and for the virii to fertilize these eggs.
  4. Wait for the eggs to hatch.
  5. Rinse.
  6. Repeat.


i too had a problem on my first try. i had only 189 and no more virii to harvest.

the second try was a total success - without waiting for fertilizers.
i killed only two of the four isles this time and are done already. i keep the remaining two isles for later, to have some shooting fun 😉

remember: you have to get those guys under the tree! make an officer there.
and don't let them run into the fence, i think they'll die.
and put some directional officers at your beams and the incubators to guide the darwinians to the tree. then just kill and harvest.

Odd, I've never had problems with that level. Anyway, listen to xander.