Darwinia and Tiger

I have just run Darwinia on the retail version of Tiger (OS 10.4) and it works fine 🙂 . I couldn't find any glitches so far. Great! Not ever program was so graceful today :mad:

Good to hear. 🙂

Were you getting good framerates on it? Were they better then in 10.3 by any chance?

Hopefully Apple's changes in the OpenGL implementation for Tiger should improve framerates, but I won't keep my fingers crossed.

I have heard of OpenGL improvements and in another game I have seen my average framerates go up by 5-10.

It made some difference; on earlier cleared levels when I was getting around 20 fps it had shot up to around 50 or 60 fps. However, the Temple level still remained at around 5-10 fps. :mad:

That's probably because the earlier levels were losing it due to graphical issues (ie things that openGL fixes could fix), but Temple is mainly due to an overload of the AI since there are so many DR's and DG's. Temple does run pretty slowly on most hardware, both on PC and mac, so I'm not sure how much luck we'll have with a fix for that. They'll probably have to can some aspects of the AI to make it run any better, and that would be a major change to the gameplay.


They could have the enemies go into some sort of dormant stage when the camera isn't pointing at them or when there are none of your troops around.