While the iron is hot

Help! I'm stuck in chapter 3, I can't figure out how to defend my fleet against that freakin' carrier! Any tips?

Build lots and lots of cruisers. When the carrier arrives, swarm it. Stay to its back and pour energy into its shields. After this constant bomardment, it will not last long. Also, if you see it drift away from the enemy planet, lead a force out to attack it, it is in a vulnerable position.

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First build a transport targeted on the enemy planet. FIRST THING! Then go their yourself and start killing stuff, while building your own fleet of cruisers (targeted on either yourself or their planet, doesnt matter which). By the time the carrier arrives, the transport should be either landing or almost landed, and your cruisers should be able to kill it anyway. I know, I've done it in an ishiman fighter. 🆒

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The Gaitori carrier is very easy to kill; just stay out from in front of it and you'll be fine. Also, take firelizard's advice and build a transport right away. I completed the level in 1:28 and got a score of 176 this way.

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I agree with Cmr. Cicion.
As soon as the Carrier is away from its base/cruisers,
(just keep building cruisers, until you have at least 30.)
Then, target all of them on the Carrier and let them do your dirty work.
If its still alive, it oughta be veeerrrry weak.
go down and pick up the scraps.
Good luck!

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It's Easy to destroy it!!!
First, I build three cruisers to defend the planet.
Second, I build two cruisers to do my Anti Carier Comendo.
When I start to build the la cruiser, I'm going to the ennemy planet slowly.
When I arrived to the planet, the Carier Just arrived.
Destroy it whith you'r ship. The escort will have no problem to destroy all
ennemy Cruisers if thy don't have build a gunship it will be easy.
When you destroy the carier send all the cruisers do protect the planet and build a Transport.
You can smash the ennemy whitout losing a ship.


I like to target the planet at the beginning, then build lots and lots of cruisers. Then, when the carrier comes in, those cruisers can all swarm the carrier at the same time, while preventing any of the obese Gatiori ships to move more than half an inch from the planet.


Just go to the planet with your initial cruiser, having one following soon, caus you start building it before you go, and you have your 1 cruiser and they have their 2 cruisers and your one cruiser is twice as good as ine of their cruisers so you can win. Then youll have enough cruisers to blast the carrier.

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I think you've been given some pretty good advice, I'd just like to warn you of one thing: If you engage the carrier, make sure you target it and tell your whole fleet to go after it. Big ships tend to have larger orbits, so most of your cruisers will station themselves right over the planet and only a few will be fighting the carrier unless you tell them otherwise.

You'll beat it eventually. If you have any other problems, try going to (url="http://"http://www.axis.n3.net/")http://www.axis.n3.net/(/url) and clicking on "walkthroughs".

I beat that level with fighters only, took longer than 4 minuites but it was a blast.

I'd agree with UES Magnallian: I build one cruiser targeted at the enemy planet then go into hyperspace at the same time as it, continually building cruisers. The enemy ships are gone by the time the Carrier arrives, it is destroyed, then you build your transport. I favor an "Armageddon" style attack. I don't gain area fast, but I never lose it, so it doesn't really matter. Here's another interesting strategy for Shoplifter 1: switch into the Obish transport. It works well, while it sounds stupid.