Yellow screen

Bug report

While I was playing in the first level there suddenly came a point where every time I clicked all that happened was that the screen turned yellow, and then slowly faded back to normal. My best guess at what caused it is that I tried to send a squad through one of those dish things that was transmitting both ways (from one to the other and back) and the guy started just bouncing off of the dish I sent him to, and the problem started right after, or soon after, this action. I took a screenshot and ended up with a bunchh of jagged yellow stripes, which isn't what I was seeing.

This has been reported multiple times before. Please either use the search function or at least glance through topics with similar names before posting.

I probably searched for the wrong words, but I didn't get anything. So I scanned all 3 pages of subject names before posting. I didn't see anything about a ellow screen, so I posted.
Anyway, sorry about the pointless post. If it's possible, just delete it (admin).

<grin> I searched for "yellow". 2 irrelevant posts followed by 4 about this very bug! 😉

This happened to me, and all i had to do was terminate the squad (crtl-c)