Help, crashed on beating game

any way to get it to run again?

Well, finally beat the game. When I exited the temple level and the end game cutscene played, went through the bit about the biosphere holocaust and moved into the reciver level... and flat crashed. Now, I can't get the end game cutscene to play again and the game crashes about 3 seconds after I enter the reciever level. Doesn't seem to update the blackbox file.

Anything I can do to get the game beaten short of starting over?

Edit: removing or deleting the level txt files will get the level to reset, though the objectives will still be achieved. Removing the end game cutscene txt or whatever it's called doesn't seem to have any effect.

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Well, after looking around on the introversion web boards (didn't think to look in windows issues board before posting) this seems like a fairly common problem, so I think I'll post the fix here as a public service. Or something.

First, use this post (I HEART ARANOR 4EVR)
to decrypt your game.txt and add this

Event AlwaysTrue
Action RunScript gameover

Event AlwaysTrue
Action RunScript gameover.txt

and it should work. There seems to be a problem with the reciever level that causes the game to crash on entering that level. Removing the reciever level txt file will reset the level and it should stop crashing, you might have to do that before the end game cutscene will work. Or you might want to do that before beating the temple level just in case.
Hope this helps someone...

more info on the problem
decrypting redshirt