Ares Chronicles: Hegemonia Chronicles: Prologue

Earth... This word used to mean mankind, until technology enabled humanity to explore the outer reaches of space...

As men began to seek adventure and possible lifeground outside the safe boundaries of Earth, the number of colonists who were not born on the home planet grew. The cream of scientists and architects worked, united and motivated together, viewing but one goal: The installation of human life on Mars. The whole planet was breathless in anticipation of this new goal, until the first news came in informing Earth of the successful deplyoment of the colonists.

However, the situation became volatile, for the colony on Mars had their own army of tropers and defensive installations. Their economy and research flourished, possibly even better than that of Earth. Who knows how long this rivalry would have lasted, but the leaders of both Earth and Mars decided to negotiate this peacefully. They soon appointed the Moon as host for their meeting...

"Engines 4, 5, and 7 are at 70%. Prepare for take-off."

The sound of Counselor Thidall's ship's engines was a rumbling crescendo. As they droned louder, the pitch became higher also. Finally, the ship disengaged from the ground. It rose into the salmon-hued Martian sky, and sped off into the abyss.

Halfway to the Moon, Counselor Thidall's path was obscured by a squad of unknown ships. He demanded in a tone of urgency, "This is Counselor Thidall, on a diplomatic mission to the Moon. Priority, Alpha-1. Please move aside."

The unknown ships did not respond. Instead, they started to assault the defenseless ship. Counselor Thidall struggled to escape. Blow after blow shook the ship. Thidall was shaken severely. Finally, with an almighty explosion, the ship succumbed to the assault. Counselor Thidall was killed.

When the news reached Mars, the leaders of Mars were not pleased. They suspected the assassination was the doing of Terrans. Thus led to a long, costly war with no predictable winner.

Very interesting. But, i've got to wonder why the martians would want to to seperate itself from earth. Unless mars was terraformed, or somehow a specialized pressurized/climatized cities, the colony on mars would be unable to surpass earth because it would need to import all of its food and "soft" goods from earth.
Eh, nevermind my musings.

More to come?

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