Ares Chronicles: The Slice, Part 4 (By Cicion)

Cicion had been on the industrial planet for three days, and he still knew only a little more about the political situation then he had before. Apparently, the crime sydicates had allied together and taken over the capitol world, then the inner core, than the outer core. Once they had done that they set up martial law. The middle area and rim were the only places where the Nijayias Empire still existed in force. And all feared that soon they too would fall. In a normal circumstance, the Nijayias Navy would have been able to beat the crime orginizations quite easily, but this was not under a normal circumstance. The main part of the Imperial Navy had been sent away to deal with...something else. But the criminals still shouldn't have won as easily as they had. Something else was afoot. The only species powerful enough to defeat the Nijayias with the crime syndicates' help were the Audemedon, the Eleejeetian, the Phylydion, and maybe the Salrilian. But Sargatanus had full awareness of all that went on in Salril and Audemeda. It wasn't them unless it was some separate faction. Cicion had to leave soon. The "authorities", as if they could be called that, were on his trail. He left the hotel he was staying in and headed for his ship. As he was walking, he though he heard footfalls behind him that stopped whenever he did. He did not look behind him. Then he heard a twang. He whipped around and caught a crossbow bolt that was headed straight for his heart. There was the man with the crossbow, and another one in a mask. He kicked the crossbow out of the bowman's hand and knocked him out. He turned to the other and aimed a punch, but it was blocked. He drew his blade and tried to slash the attacker across his arm, but that was stopped too. They were soon in an all-out one-on-one fight with neither of them winning. #This guy is incredible. Even Nijayias elite aren't trained this well in hand-to-hand.# He kept fighting. #Kadt! He fights as well as a-# Cicion's foot struck home, knocking the man's helmet off and revealing three pure blue eyes. #-TAESKOR!#