Ares Chronicles: An untried idea...

Newts article on targeting is great for dealing with the same race but what about dealing with "superior" races?
How does this sound?
You are playing a Ishiman vs Salrillian game in rock/rock.

Both of you build up ships in the usual fashion and both of you sit there, waiting for the other to make the first move.
You have built two carriers, a transport, and the rest gun ships. You order the Carriers to launch all their fighters and target them on your transport.
You then send the transport towards the enemy planet. If the enemy chooses to attack your transport you jump in to the transport just when he has committed himself. The enemy ships will be grouped together relatively closely to destroy the transport and partially distracted by the fighters so they will be easier for your ships to attack. Further more, if they get off a few shots before you jump in then they will be de-cloaked. You do not let your heavy destroyer get caught in the middle of the fray but circle on the outside and pick off targets at long range. If you get targeted by a concentrated attack you immediately maneuver clear and jump out before taking too much damage. If your enemy does not go for the transport but rather attacks your planet instead, move to his planet and baby sit it. Avoid his fleet until he has no choice but to attack the transport and when he does, that is when you attack.

I have not tested this tactic out completely but it demands further analysis.

I am interested in knowing whether it will, and how well it will work.


Sounds very clever, Walter. I should really try this. However, instead of gunships, try cruisers for the Ishimans. They swarm better, and that can be critical against a salrilian fleet which will probably be made of those highly manouverable sal gunships.

I should really try this, it sounds like it would work. The problem would be that salrilians can cloak, and there could be a group of gunships and an HVD at your transport before your fleet can jump to the transport. That could mess things up, perhaps you could assign the carriers and other ships to the transport right from the start? The carriers don't drift to far back once they get up to speed, if you build the transport immediately and then build the carrier, the transport is far enough along that the carrier will jump almost right up to it, and will drift along behind it at almost the same speed.

One afternoon,
4000 men
died in the water here.
And 500 more were thrashing,
As parasites might,
in your blood.
-The Tragically Hip, "Nautical Disaster".