Ares: Override Released

After a long break, Ares: Override has been released. This total conversion for Ares sets you in the universe of Escape Velocity: Override, allowing you to engage your friends in a variety of duels using all new ships and settings.

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Seriously? Guess its time to step up the "pressure" for an Ares X, so we can play it.

I've been playing Ares for awhile and dreaming that the ships were from the Wing Commander 3 or 4 eras. Was there ever/ is there going to be/ is anyone interested in making a Wing Commander 3 or 4 mod? I know it's not on the downloads page of this site, so maybe it's only a dream, but I remember reading about someone making a Wing Commander mod for EV and would hope that they might have made one of Ares. The ship stats would have to be changed to reflect more powerful fighters- maybe more like "The Sequel" mod or something like that.
It would be awesome to play through the missions from a main strike force in the WC3 timeline as an Admiral in missions that paralleled the Victory (possibly some involving Col. Blair/Maniac/etc.. where you cross paths with the Victory). The warp could be changed to afterburners which react immediately when pressing "tab", and the jump points could remain as they were in the current Ares games. My 2nd choice would be a Star Wars mod, anything like that either, or any interest by a talented modder? I took a look at the Hera developer and soon realized I have no clue what I'm doing as far as making new ships, I don't have access to a nice program to design the appearance of the ships, and don't have the time to dedicate to learning and making a mod. Well, I'm probably dreaming, but would appreciate a response.

I hate to rain on your parade (Or bump this topic) but the download link is broken.

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Does this still exist on anyone's server?

I've scoured the internet for it, the only things of relevance I found were this topic and an empty forum.

Kids these days just don't know how to scour.

I Googled for it! Shouldn't that be enough?

Anyway, I'll open the URL on my Mac, download it and see what's it's like.

Edit: Dangit! It's a multiplayer scenario. <_< I wish people to play with across the net weren't so far and few. It's next to useless for me...

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So, flexes fingers with a crackle, lets edit the scenario so that it becomes single player...

At one point, when I was semi-officially working on Ares: Override (saw a few problems with the initial release), I did make a single-player scenario. While it didn't have a unified plot, it did have a few interesting combat missions, covering most sides of the spectrum.

It was pretty fun.