These scenarios are all allowed for ladder and tournament play, unless stated otherwise in their description.

Download link: (url="http://"")http://www.aresaxis....gladder.sit.tgz(/url)

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New levels are:
**Net6: Arena
Two Destroyers. One exit: Death.

Net7: Endgame
You've chased your enemy to this deserted star system. Four planets, twin outposts and a Bunker Station. The Flak Drones which guard the non-aligned planets have control centers on said planets. Main planets and the Bunker: 1 cash, Outposts and non-aligned worlds: .5 cash.

Net8: Final Blackout
Your fleets have met and only a pair of Cruisers remain. Rebuild your forces and capture this system! Three planets, 4 outposts and two Bunker Stations. Each player has a Bunker Station at his/her homeworld.

Net9: Fleet Action
Claim this system for yourself. An opposing force of equal strength just warped in. Close and annihilate them. Each player has three Combat bouys capable of constructing fighters and cruisers.

Net10: Focus Point
Domination of this system depends upon who owns the Salrilian Battlestation in the center. Two Bunker Stations guard each player's planet, guaranteeing that it will be necessary to outresource your opponent to win. And who knows, you might even get some reinforcements from home...

Net11: Defenders of the Galaxy
_Defend your station(s) from the forces of Evil. Only you and your partner stand between the Galaxy and destruction. Last man standing wins.


Net12: Cities on the Edge of Forever
kill, kill, kill! Carriers only

Net13: Fleet Action II
Destroy the enemy fleet before you meet death at their hands!**