signups for the next round of mag tourneys, including ares, begin today. you get points for participating no matter what, so there's no reason not to join! 🙂

tourney info link is here: http://www.magleague.../tourney_cp.php

You need a magleague account to join, but if you don't have one you can get one easily enough.

Note to Netscape 4, 3, 2, 1 users, users of Internet Explorer below v5: magleague is not fully compatible with your browser. Netscape users will not be able to view the registration page. If you are using NN4.x and want to sign up, either get a decent webbrowser or email me at (redacted) with your desired password.

Tournament begins on 11/15, rounds last for ~week. Standard magleague rules:


*best of 3 game
*higher ranked player picks first, lower ranked gets picks 2 and 3
*for first two matches, any standard ares level is ok. CTF and Space Warz cannot be played as the third match.

I will be releasing the magleague net scenarios before 11/15 and authorizing their use for ladder/tournament play.

Good Luck and happy hunting!

MaG Ares Admin and co-owner

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