Ares Newswire: ARES Ladder tourniment on opens!!

After many months of planning and designing, the new Ares ladder tournament will be added to the well known Magleague site. This is the first ladder of its type for Ares and promises to not be a disappointment. Working in partnership with (url="http://""), Ares players can now take part in an ongoing Ares tournament. All game submissions and registrations are handled live on MaG, so it guarantees instant advancement in the ladder. It is ongoing and you do not need to be registered or be in an Ares clan to join. However it is helpful for your own entertainment.
The ladder starts officially this Friday. Even if you do not wish to participate in the ladder, I still suggest you sign up to show your support for Ares. This is a great way to get games going on GR, and compete for your own 15 minutes of fame in the Ares tournament. If you ignore all other events happening in Ares, this is one event you do not want to be left out on. The official rules for the tournament will be posted in the briefing room and on the Magleague site on Friday. I hope to see you there, this is a fun opportunity for Ares players of all ages and abilities.

(editor's note) theGlueBubble (also known as theKestrel), a moderator and respected member of the Ambrosia community has had a good deal of experience with MaG, and says that they are very well organized and some good times can be had. He ask me to encourage that you show your support for MaG by not only being in the tournament, but also registering for the Magleague Ares ladder -- which means that if you win enough games, you'll be number one! Think of the bragging rights! (/ed)

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MagLeague rules, that coming from a recent member...

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